Lach Edinburgh, UK

Lach, founder of the Antifolk movement and star of BBC Radio 4's The Lach Chronicles.

‘Beat-punk-unplugged joy!’-The Guardian UK

‘Splendid! Best of it's kind!’- Mojo

‘Incredibly bright, influential, funny, poetic.’-Suzanne Vega

‘Best punk guitarist since Johnny Ramone.’-Billy Ficca of Televis
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Track Name: Staying Sober Tonight In North Beach (Live)
Staying Sober Tonight In North Beach

You took me to the circus
Ladies chained to limo scenes
We smoked up on the corner
watching red turn to green
You took me to the movie
where the poet sold some ink
to a feathered serpent
that was posing as his shrink
and I'm staying sober tonight
in North Beach

A tourist bumped my shoulder
in New York there'd be a fight
but I am getting older
and I'm trying to be polite
It's hard to be a new man when
the clowns all hold your heart
Every time I hit a finish line
it vanishes with a start
and I'm staying sober tonight
in North Beach

I’m tired and I’m lonely
My atoms have lost their spin
It's hard to be romantic
when you're paying for your sin
Send me to the sleepy car
Give me a kiss goodnight
My head is filled with stars
My body's filled with light
and I'm staying sober tonight
in North Beach

I am in the arena
I am raw but rectified
I am feeling serener
but a bit mystified
by the angel who's floating
gently by my side
She says,
"Life is only given to
Those who have died."
and I'm staying sober tonight
in North Beach


Standing in Kinko's copy shop
Chopping flyers for the Antihoot
Cute girl asks me do I wanna enlarge?
Charge or cash?
Flashback kicked
Licked my eyes like a big ol' reality dog
Fog robbed the scene of all civil rules
Fools and apes the other customers became
And I asked myself,
“How did I get to this place
Making flyers for open-mike?
Like I care about creating
Yet another lame,
Music game?"
And the consumers
Became mice running
Around computers
And paper cutters
And I was on
Just blindingly
The day I went insane became a week
Bleak, sleek streets with
No left turns allowed
Cowed me onto Broadway
North Beach circus
Lust and blue mist
Kissed my trigger
I figured some nude dancers were in order
Borders I'd never crossed needed exploding
So, in I slinked
In the raincoat dark
Heart hammering
Dick chattering
In booth
Window sliding and
Naked, giggling, watery women
Swimming on stage
Me, in cage, pumping
Quarters into slots
And, oh, I'm hot and gone
But feeling cool
Like I was finally free
From the goddamn children's table
Cradle rocked
I hit Vesuvio's Bar
And bum a Camel
From Paul Kantner
Banter with afternoon drunks
Plunking more quarters into juke-box
Rocks with Sinatra and Gilberto Gil
Money a memory
I go up to balcony
Kickback and smoke
Joke with blonde fire
Who knows poets
I know
And she's real
She's not behind a glass
Fast talk and numbers swapped
I bop out and back to porn palace
Wishing it was the girl herself
From Vesuvio's
I was sex itself

The day I went insane was today
and I'm a mad, bad, sad, lad crouched
inside my name and age
raging at the nineties recovery zombies
who threw me a lifesaver
of the wrong flavor
Behavior sanctioned into boxes too small for my psychedelic soul
and I want out
and I want to be demon and angel both
Don't divide me!
I went to the sculptor
and he forged me two wings
He set them on my shoulders
then he told me two things
The first that I was lucky, yeah,
I'm blessed to be alive
The second, turn to your old life
and wave bye-bye

And I'm staying sober tonight
in North Beach.