Ramshackle Heart

by Lach

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"Lach is renowned as a cult-pop catalyst, a wily bard, and Ramshackle Heart spotlights his talent for wired lyricism and unplugged rock'n'roll."- Mojo Magazine

"Antifolk hero returns! This album captures all that's best about the Antifolk movement: a mix of beat aesthetic, punk attitude and smartass wit. High-class shamateurism and dangerously fun." - Uncut Magazine

Ramshackle Heart was recorded in a studio converted out of an old RAF hanger in an abandoned airfield in Cornwall, UK. Engineered and co-produced by legendary British musician Neil Halstead (of Slowdive and Mojave 3) the album features local Newquay musicians and was recorded over a period of two weeks. Tea and scones were consumed, dogs frolicked , and sunsets appreciated.


released February 14, 2013

Produced by Lach & Halstead

Lach - Vocals, Guitars, Harp, Piano, Organ, Handclaps, Harmonica, Tambourine, Bongos, Melodica, Rattle, iPhone NLog Synth, Whips and Instrument of Torture

Neil Halstead - Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Harmonica, Organ, Bass

Ben Hall - Bass

Caroline Banks - Drums

Adam Parfitt - Guitars, Mandolin

James Humphries - Conga, Bongos

Engineered by Neil Halstead at The Airfield 2, St. Merryn, Cornwall, UK

Mastered by Matt Colton, Air Studios, London UK

Album Art by Kim Gledhill, NYC, USA

Tattoo Art Courtesy of The Jonathan Shaw Antique Tattoo Archive, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Art Direction by Lach

All Songs by Lach ©2010

Published by Blue Monk Music

Manufactured by Song, by Toad Records, Edinburgh, Scotland

Released by Fortified Records



all rights reserved


Lach Edinburgh, UK

Lach, founder of the Antifolk movement and star of BBC Radio 4's The Lach Chronicles.

‘Beat-punk-unplugged joy!’-The Guardian UK

‘Splendid! Best of it's kind!’- Mojo

‘Incredibly bright, influential, funny, poetic.’-Suzanne Vega

‘Best punk guitarist since Johnny Ramone.’-Billy Ficca of Televis
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Track Name: Another Night Without You
Another Night Without You

The wind is howling and I never sing about the wind
So something really bad must be happening
I can’t see nothing except a storm about to brew
O, another night without you

Stoned in an alcove, high-pitched buzzing in my ear
I came to see a band I’m trying not to hear
All because I was going stir crazy in my tomb
O, another night without you

Caffeine shakes and missing you
I pick up newspapers
Search for I Ching clues
I look in the eyes of the palms I press
But nothing seems to solve this loneliness

My imagination staggers to the bar
I never thought it could get this far
I order a whiskey better make it two
O, another night without you

This is a new feeling it wiped it's feet on my heart
It's been this way since we've been apart
It's insane we broke up I need some crazy glue
O, another night without you

Cigarette and sex sick
My all night diner soul
Yesterday's news and coffee growing cold
I paint the eyes of the impatient waitress
Bring a cup to fill this emptiness

The walls are humming an insect's tune
A nervous glance in a nervous room
Honey, I don't know what to do
O, another night without you

A lifeboat on a restless sea
My little life carved out of eternity
And the jester wind it kicks me through
O, another night without you
Track Name: Break The Day
Break The Day

Me and myself walked into the whiskey bar
Five thousand faces I thought I saw
Five thousand faces all staring at me
Ten thousand eyes and everyone could see that
I had come just to talk to them
Well, didn't I have a minute?
Didn't I have a pen?
Don't I have a light?
No, but I'm on fire from everybody looking like the holy choir

Get a move on
Take me away
Saddle at sunrise
And break the day

This here face don't got to many wrinkles
Though some say it's a long, hard road
I guess I'm just young, I guess, I don't know
I guess, I never done what I was told
Still, everyone is getting old and
I'm not getting younger, I'm getting faint
from everybody trying so hard to be everything they ain't

Get a move on
Take me away
Saddle at sunrise
And break the day

Well, I'm all alone in the graveyard dawn
Five thousand cattle are moving on
I heard them coming I had my ear to the ground
The din of their gossip made an awful sound
I finished up my Jack and gathered up my toys
I headed on back far from the cowboys
Far from the safety of the stagecoach ring
Out to the prairie where the eagle sings

Get a move on
Take me away
Saddle at sunrise
and break the day

Saddle at sunrise
and break the day
Track Name: Everyone's Therapist
Everyone's Therapist

Laurie’s got a job she hates it won’t let her do her art
You can't finish something that you didn't start
Me, I got a gig to get to, tonight I’m working sound
I got to help another band break down before the band leaves town
After the show they mobilize and they hit me with a kiss
And they say how sad and grateful they are to be leaving all of this
And as I watch them head out into fortune’s mist
I realize I’ve become everyone’s therapist

Susie hasn’t got a clue how to act off stage
Straight lines and missed cues make her life an endless maze
She uses booze and fantasy to keep her self alive
Reapplying mascara to look good for the ambulance ride
Backstage before the show she asks, "Does love exist?"
She’s tried men and women and she's always ended dissed
And if I wasn’t so nice I’d be hard to resist
How’d I turn out to be everybody’s therapist?

Donald is fucked up and he knows I’m a sober guy
So why's he spend so much time telling me how great it is getting high
And it's blah-blah black sheep listen to my bull
And it's yes sir, yes sir, three bags full
I’ve heard it all before, the classic junkie list
How the world is against you and you’re so depressed
And all I wanna do is draw a dotted line upon your wrist
How did I turn out to be everyone’s therapist

Now is there a sign above my head blinking "The Doctor’s In”
Or does working sound make some believe I'd be a sounding board for them
They just wanna look good, look grand for the magic show
But all that smoke and mirrors it just leaves them wanting more
I don't got the answer, I should chill I guess
There but for the grace of god I go and I know I’m thoroughly blessed
Still, I'd like to thank-you, you been a great audience
You been listening and attentive you’d make a great therapist
You’d make a great therapist

(Your hour's up, Lach)
Track Name: She's Brave Now
She's Brave Now

All tied up with a ribbon and a bow
She has earned her delicious sorrow
Carried her pain like it was precious cargo
Kept it hidden so no one could know
But she's changed all that
She's brave now

Surrounded by herself and false friends
Days wet with horror, nights that never ended
Trying to get out with so much coming in
Unable to make the slightest decision
But she's changed all that
She's brave now

That girl opened up herself to the pain inside
She’s tried to hide for so long
That girl she said goodbye to yesterday
She’s turned to face the sun
Well, come on, she's brave now

From time to time I see her face in magazines
I always check, I check to see if she looks the same
But she's changed
She's brave now

That girl opened up herself to the pain inside
She’s tried to hide for so long
That girl she said goodbye to yesterday
And turned to face the sun
Well, come on, she's brave now

That girl opened up herself to the pain inside
She’s tried to hide for so long
That girl she said goodbye to yesterday
And turned to face the sun
Well, come on, she's brave now
Yeah, come on, be brave now
Track Name: Stunned
Stunned by snow's weight
Stunned by the last minute of the last debate
Stunned by relaxed skeletons of old friends
Stunned to think i know how it ends

Stunned by a meteors' silent escape
Stunned to uncover another mistake
Stunned by a missiles' satellite kiss
Stunned to find out the things i don't miss

Stunned by betrayal ignorant and fine
Stunned by the closeness of distant friends of mine
Stunned by poetry from inconsequential lips
Stunned by doorways fading into the mist

Stunned by hair turned gray as goose down
Stunned by a football given the keys to the town
Stunned by the moon's matador smile
Stunned by the gentlemanly ways of a child

Stunned by writer's who pause before they write
Stunned by a magnet's pole-reversal at night
Stunned by my fingers full of decision and time
Stunned to realize that this is the last line
Track Name: Baby, I Don't Want To Go
I Don't Wanna Go

When you've smoked your last tear and the salt has you thirsty for more
And you've swam in your beer and you found yourself drugged up on the shore
And nothing is solid since someone left you long ago
Don't come moaning to me
Baby, I don't wanna know

Me, I tickle the spicy road with no hesitation
Back then you could hallucinate with frisky abandon
But now they want diaries or they won't subsidize your mission
Don't come moaning to me
Baby, I don't wanna know

Cornflakes and Applepops come down for the new school exhibit
Magistrates and artcops looking for shit to prohibit
And all the cupboards are bare but nobody there will admit it
If this is truth and beauty, I just don't get it

So, take your pain confections and the pills of mad expression
Take all your sexual confusion. Take all the things your used to using
Take your heroes and your sideshows and your dreams of gold tomorrows
Take the clatter of the gentry as they tumble about for your entry

Take it! Shred it! Shoot it! Bed it!
But please, don't take me
Cause baby, I don't wanna go
Babydoll, I don't wanna know
Track Name: Lonesome For You
Lonesome For You

Well, you’re married now
And the full moon howls
In your business suit
If you’re complete
I’ll be lonesome for you

With your life planned out
And your objects solid
And your holidays merry
And your dreams forgot
I’ll be lonesome for you

Well, I’m a net pulled through your life
I got all wet but that’s all right
This lonesome feeling helps me write
This lonesome song I sing tonight

I’m wrapped in poems / lonesome for you
In a coat I found / lonesome for you
At a coffee shop / lonesome for you
With all I’ve got / I’m lonesome for you

With your new name / lonesome for you
It's all the same / lonesome for you
Every night and day/ lonesome for you
In every way/ I’ll be lonesome for you

Cause I’m a net pulled through your life
I got all wet but that’s all right
This lonesome feeling helps me write
This lonesome song I sing tonight

You’re married now
The full moon howls
In your business suit
Your so cute
I’ll be lonesome for you

Every night and day
In every way
But it’s OK
It’s OK
It’s OK

Track Name: My Gangster
My Gangster

There’s a gangster in my family tree somewhere
At times I hear his laughter and I wonder what he’s after in there
And his limo drives my dreams
Like an actor drives a scene
Gets out with a machine-gun and asks if I'd like some fun
He knows my answer because he’s living inside my head
He’s a cancer and he’ll live until I'm dead

Shiny leather blacktops on the ivory white dance floor
Everything stops when my gangster walks through the door
He motions to the maestro start the band up once more
Everything goes back to the way that it was before
Except everybody’s sitting around like a pack of hungry jurors
While my gangster, the only dancer, he waltzes away the hours

Bang, bang you’re dead, get the money and run
A gangster ain’t a gentleman and an outlaw ain’t no fun
And a baby’s a genius though a short-lived one
Like a rainstorm in a desert a challenge to the sun
A question left unanswered because now the dark night has come
My gangster is loaded he carries a gun
My gangster don’t do nothing for no one
He rides the sideboard straight into heaven
He lives life like life was religion
And if you don’t get it it won’t be given
Track Name: Blue Overcoat
Blue Overcoat

I missed my connection
No flight tonight
I guess I’ve got some time to think
I mix up a concoction
of love’s sweet toxin
I settle in to nursing my drink
It's a cold, lonely night in Jet City
I’m making my troubles float
I take a walk up the runway
pull on the collar of my blue overcoat

And I don't have any luggage
Just seem to have so much baggage
And I try to lose it all in vain
I don’t know where I’m going
I don’t know why I came
I can't remember where I've been
It's a cold, lonely night in Jet City
I can’t believe what she wrote
I take a walk up that runway
Pull on the collar of my blue overcoat

So cold
Track Name: Sensitivity

Sensitivity's fallen for me
In a bar down in Baltimore
With batty eyes ala Zsa Zsa Gabor
She's fallen for this troubadour
With Sensitivity

Sensitivity has fallen for me
In a pick-up truck out on 109
Her wispy, willowy, wanton ways
Kept me up four nights and five days
With sensitivity

Sensitivity waits for me
In a bombed-out building deep downtown
With her vampire lips and black wedding gown
She welcomes me to the underground
With sensitivity

Sensitivity works for me
With my shy ways and acoustic air
A sly song and avant hair
I will be leaving here
With sensitivity

Sensitivity waits for me
While working on her sixth coffee
In a college-town, cool cafe
She's figuring out how to get to me
With sensitivity

Sensitivity's fallen for me
And she shows me all of her poetry
Shades of Sexton, Nin, and Poe
In a loft down in ol'Soho

Sensitivity's fallen for me
And she writes about it in her diary
She's got a hundred books on how to live
Because she's so sensitive