Lach Edinburgh, UK

Lach, founder of the Antifolk movement and star of BBC Radio 4's The Lach Chronicles.

‘Beat-punk-unplugged joy!’-The Guardian UK

‘Splendid! Best of it's kind!’- Mojo

‘Incredibly bright, influential, funny, poetic.’-Suzanne Vega

‘Best punk guitarist since Johnny Ramone.’-Billy Ficca of Televis
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Track Name: It's Not All Good
It’s Not All Good

I'm staring at a wasted life
Telling me to chill, saying, “It's alright.”
A white egg cozy in its carton
Less a man and more a cartoon
Trying to fit me in his comfy chair
And I'll be damned if I'll go there

Because looking at his potato chips and Simpsons
At his big bong and PlayStation
Mp3, MTV existence
I know, I know, he's gonna say it
Oh God, here it comes
He says "It's all good"
And I'm screaming, "No, It's not all good
You are not a good thing. You are a very, very bad thing."

Free music it's a scam people making bucks off my name
Fame is the outcome they say, fuck fame give me my pay
You want the new Lach album on mp3 fuck you
I don't give it away for free
Pay the piper face the music
Or advertisers will control how we use it
Freeloading succubus
Don’t you fuck with us
Cause you are a bad thing
You’re a very, very bad thing.

I'm watching aerobic dancers
Hypnotize a generation
S.U.V.s and on-line trading
How much holiness are you willing to trade in?
And I'm bewildered I’m bruised
As freedom's defined as the right to choose
Between being who you are and what you do
And someone whispers in my anti-depressed ear
The phrase I can't stand to hear
They say " Hey Lach, it's all good, it's all good "
"No, It's not all good. Sometimes it’s bad!
And you’re a very bad thing."