After You Left

by Lach

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"This is the third collaborative creation of Lach and Modifier from the 3rd season's 4th episode, 'The Antihoot',from Lach's BBC Radio 4 series 'The Lach Chronicles' based on the poem from Lach's 'The Thin Book of Poems'. Whew, how's that for a long sentence? Anyway, true Antifolkers will recognize the acts namechecked here from a certain period of Antifolk at Sidewalk Cafe in NYC. Don't leave, you might miss the magic!" - Lach


released July 28, 2016

Lach - Vocals/Guitar Sounds
Modifier - Beats/Sonic Wizardry



all rights reserved


Lach Edinburgh, UK

Lach, founder of the Antifolk movement and star of BBC Radio 4's The Lach Chronicles.

‘Beat-punk-unplugged joy!’-The Guardian UK

‘Splendid! Best of it's kind!’- Mojo

‘Incredibly bright, influential, funny, poetic.’-Suzanne Vega

‘Best punk guitarist since Johnny Ramone.’-Billy Ficca of Televis
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Track Name: After You Left
After You Left

the girl you had chosen
the guy you had chosen
the fantasy you dabbled
looked to where you had been
and you were gone

After you left
the record exec
found the pen to write
yr number down

After you left the
drinks were sweeter
the P.A. was crisper
and Dylan came in

After you left the joint
really started jumping
All colors were brighter
and the fire door
flew open to reveal
we had landed
on a planet of pleasure

After you left
we played naked Jello twister
We smoked bongs
made of mahogany
filled with Italian burgundy

Yes, after you left
there was the time of your life
There was a group song about Vanilla Ice
The Humans dressed in drag
The cat was let out of the bag
The Novellas got three encores
Mr. Scarecrow did a tap dance
Jen's Revenge got married
to a pair of triplets
George Moore sang
Philadelphia Freedom
in Latin
The tip jar turned into a bird
and flew around the room screaming
"Free the Fast Folk Five!"

After you left
it pains me to say
the TV came on
and a newscast did play
It showed you at home
turning small into dreams
getting up early and
like a slow movie scream
you went into the dull routine
of a life that you
have never